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LC Music Festival: Day Two Recap

I want LC Festival t-shirts. This is indeed a music festival and Day Two surpassed everyone's expectation. At times, the place was so packed you could hardly find a place to stand. There were some unexpected treats, like Here Lies Pa putting in a full band appearance, Kevin Johnston breaking out the trombone, and Lowry fitting all six members on stage and sounding like pure gold. It was fun to see people within the group collaborating, like Tanya Buziak singing on a David Shane Smith song, Matt Cranstoun playing the drums for Tanya, Greg playing guitar with Ivan Sandomire. AND I finally got to hear God Fires Man play!

I feel the momentum building and am excited for what the next two days will bring. It was so exciting to be a part of the events last night. I feel so proud of everyone and am impressed with how great Bar4 sounds, and the possibilities for having full bands play.

Again, love to the following people:

Performers: Matthew Peverly, Here Lies Pa, Willie Breeding, David Shane Smith, Takenobu, Lowry, Kevin Johnston / Adios Esposito, Owen McCarthy, Tanya Buziak, Ivan Sandomire, Frank Hoier, Debe Dalton, God Fires Man (acoustic).

Larry, Ted, and Peter: Your place is awesome! I can't wait to do a full set myself. It's such a great venue and the artists and neighborhood will benefit greatly because of your efforts.

Tanya: You help keep everything running smooth each night. You sounded amazing and you made all the performers feel at home.

Niko: The King of Live Sound. That is what I shall dub you Niko. You worked so hard last night. Somehow navigating through the crowd and keeping everything together.

Greg: Always in it for the long haul. You are my favorite guitarist, bartender, and roommate.


LC Music Festival: Day One Recap

Day One

Last night was the first evening of the 1st Annual Local Correspondents Music Festival and New Bar4 Party. I actually think it was the best night of my life, and can only look forward to the next three days with boundless anticipation. All the artists that performed were exceptionally talented. Tanya and I talked after the show, about how if people would have told us two years ago that these artists would be our friends, peers, and part of our urban family... we'd never believe it.

There was such a warm and welcoming vibe in the room last night, and even when people came in for a drink rather than the festival, they entered into the spirit of the night. Bar4 is so different now with brick walls exposed, the stage area extended, higher ceilings, and the lovely piano. But one thing that hasn't changed is the relaxed atmosphere and friendly people.

13 artists performed yesterday, and we stayed absolutely on schedule and ended the night on time. That has got to be the first time ever in history that an event involving musicians ended on time. I was not only delighted with everyone's stunning performances, but I was proud of everyone's courteous behavior.

By the end of the evening I was just beaming. Tonight is another ridiculously stellar line-up and I'm already getting excited to see everyone perform! For a full list of artists, check out www.localcorrespondents.com!

Shout Outs:

Performers: Many thanks to Jamie Rae, Michael Wagner, Merrady (& Gene Back), MaryEllen DeVaux, Well-Enough Folk Band (Helen, Tom, & Tanya), Tarrah Reynolds, Johnny Marnell, Heidi Sidelinker, The Human Problem, John Simonelli, Jonah Bleicher, and Rob of No Lindsay. You all blew me away last night. You are at the heart of the LC Community and you made our first night a resounding success!

Larry, Ted, and Peter: Thank you for creating this beautiful Brooklyn venue and for welcoming artists and musicians in your establishments. Your support and encouragement has blessed me in so many ways.

Tanya: I have so much admiration and respect for you. None of this would be happening right now if not for the energy and hard work you've invested tirelessly in the open mic nights and LC showcases.

Niko: You are the best sound engineer ever! You made this whole night run like clockwork.

Greg: Thank you for only letting me have one adult beverage per hour, for playing an awesome set with me, and for coming up with the great idea to have live music showcases at Bar4.

LC Team (Larry, Tanya, Greg): You should be so proud of what you've accomplished.

My loyal readers: Sorry, I realize this is all gushy and sentimental. But last night literally rocked my world and props are in order. Come out tonight and you'll know exactly what I mean.

Humble Voice: More on Jessi's feature

I just got this awesome email from Humble Voice. See me as a featured artist in Music?


The Strokes

The Audience

Trance Authority

Luminous Beings

Jessi Robertson


Esnake 316

Alcaby Bee


Matt Achziger


Andrea Francesco

Ryan Detter

Jack McMahon

Mark Jaworski

Derek Tan

Philipp Schilling

Greg Smeeth

Maria Picasso

João Oliveira



Alex Moser

Manuela Gomez

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Jessi: Featured Artist on HumbleVoice

How much do I love HumbleVoice now? I already told you guys it's a cool site. And they put me as a featured artist on their music page. Go check it out! Wow, I am totally patting myself on the back right now.

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Jessi's in Indie Sounds NY

Indie Sounds NY focuses on independent musicians in the NYC area. I was recently asked to answer "Five Vital Questions" in Issue 24, July 2007.

Here are my answers:

"Five Vital Questions for... Jessi Robertson"

Indie Sounds: Do you tell lies?
Jessi Robertson: Only when necessary to protect someone's fragile ego. Also, if you are lame.

IS: Who would be in your dream band?
Jessi: Definitely all the guys from Seems So Bright ... if only I could get rid of their singer. Damn you, Michael Simone!

IS: Your favorite stimulant?
Jessi: Whiskey, hands down. Diet Coke is a close second. Or mix them together! Yum!

IS: How do you make a million dollars playing folk music?
Jessi: Probably a combination of folk music and whoring.

IS: Your candidate for the next president?
Jessi: Steve Jobs. I bet the guy that came up with iPods can make the U.S. cool again.

Catch Jessi performing solo or with her band Asher, are you drawing pretty things?
Jessi continues to take an active part in the Local Correspondents collective.

Web: www.asherareyou.com
MySpace: asherareyou

Questions: Mistress Tessa Perry,

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1st Annual LC Music Festival this week at Bar4!

Bar4 is my favorite place to hang out and has recently gotten a makeover. There's a new extended stage, professional lighting, and an upright piano. I predict the already cozy neighborhood bar is on its way to becoming the best venue in Brooklyn for singer/songwriters and acoustic bands.

This week the Local Correspondents Community presents their 1st Annual Music Festival at Bar4. 4 nights with 52 local indie acts. Work by local artist Amy Shawley will also be featured.

All shows are free!

Day One
Wednesday June 27th, 7:30am - 2:00am

Day Two
Thursday June 28th, 7:30am - 2:00am

Day Three
Friday June 29th, 7:30am - 2:00am

Day Four
Saturday June 30th, 7:30am - 2:00am

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