Hi, my name is Jessi and I'm an independent musician in the NYC area. I also write articles for Urban Folk magazine, design web pages, create fliers, and do various other music and technology related tasks. Please visit my Indie Music Resources blog for more. Meanwhile, Drawing Pretty Things is my big, giant archive for all things Jessi (in blog form).


New Song: I Want to Want Something

I just finished a new song last night called, "I Want to Want Something." Here it is, recorded live, warts and all. There's some clipping distortion, but I just really liked the feel of this take, so I'm sharing it. Listen in the player below or on MySpace. To download, right click the link and choose "Save As" from the drop-down list or click on the down arrow in the player.

download song

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Blog Launch

Even though I've been working on this for a little while now, I am considering today my official Blog launch for DrawingPrettyThings. There's lots more info to add and the site will be constantly changing, but as of now I consider this my landing pad. Check out all kinds of stuff reviews I've penned, to videos, and coming soon music resources where I'll give you the scoop on helpful artist tools.



June 8th, 7pm: Asher, are you drawing pretty things? at Rockwood Music Hall

Asher, are you drawing pretty things?
will perform a free show at

Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen St between Houston & Stanton
New York, NY

June 8th, 7pm
followed by Leah Siegel at 8pm

1 drink minimum

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Review: Dan Schlaubach

Dan’s songs are the ones you end up singing under your breath at 3am without even realizing what you’re doing. His voice is honest, and the wisdom in the words of his urban hymns makes you wonder if an old soul is lurking under youthful skin. An unorthodox guitar method and unusual chord structures are the bed he lays his addictive melodies on.


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Download.com Editor's Review

I was thrilled to receive this Editor's Review on the music site Download.com:

"This New York singer-songwriter draws comparisons to equally spirited alt-folk muses Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. But with her quavering, spiritual verses, the analogy she deserves is with Jeff Buckley, gender difference or no."

Get some free Mp3s here:

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MyStore: Buy Songs from Jessi & Asher, are you drawing pretty things?

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SonicBids: Jessi's EPK (electronic press kit)

View Jessi Robertson's EPK
View Jessi Robertson's EPK

Click above to check out my electronic press kit.

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iLike: Jessi's Music Recommendations

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MOG: What I'm Spinning

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Calendar: Recommended Local Shows and Events

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Calendar: Jessi & Asher, are you drawing pretty things?

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July 5, 2007, 11pm: Tanya & Jessi at Matchless

My good friend Paul Aiden is coming to visit from the UK! He is an amazing musician and I am really excited about this show which fortuitously falls on his birthday.

Paul Aiden's Birthday at
557 Manhattan Ave & Driggs
Brooklyn, NY

8pm - Sami Akbari

9pm - Paul Aiden with Pippa Selby

10pm - The Revolvers

11pm - Tanya Buziak & Jessi

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May 15th, 7pm: Jessi at Urbana Presents: Girls!

Jessi will play a song (or two or three) at the upcoming Urbana Presents Showcase on May 15th featuring all female poets and musicians.

Urbana Presents (a new sub-series of Urbana Poetry Slam) is coordinating showcase events periodically throughout the year highlighting touring poet-teams and the next is rapidly approaching: Tuesday, May 15. Featured poets are Genevieve Van Cleve (http://www.myspace.com/genvc) and Susan B. Anthony-Sommers Willet (http://www.susansw.com/about.htm).

The event starts at 7pm and goes until 9:30pm.

Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz http://www.aptowicz.com

Mahogany Browne http://www.myspace.com/mahoganylbrowne

Erica Fabri http://www.myspace.com/ericamiriam

Shanelle Gabriel http://www.myspace.com/shanelleg

Nicole Homer http://www.myspace.com/travelerpoet

Karen Ladson http://www.myspace.com/kickasphalt

Caitlin Meissner http://www.myspace.com/caitlinmeissnerpoetry

Aja Monet http://www.myspace.com/madamemonet

Sonia Mukherji http://www.myspace.com/sonia_mukherji

Amanda Nazario http://www.myspace.com/56473183

Piper Jane Project http://www.myspace.com/piperjaneproject

Jessi Robertson http://www.myspace.com/jessirobertson

Jeanann Verlee http://www.myspace.com/jeaverlee

Leticia Viloria http://www.myspace.com/myviloria

Genevieve Van Cleve http://www.myspace.com/genvc

Susan B. Anthony-Sommers Willett http://www.susansw.com


Liberty Heights Tap Room, May 12th 8pm

Jessi will perform a solo show at Liberty Heights Tap Room in Brooklyn on May 12th, at 8pm.


Baggot Inn: Sunday May 6th - 11pm

Jessi will be playing solo at the on Sunday May 6th at 11pm. It's a great line-up and it's free! So come at 8pm to catch these amazing acts:

8pm - Joe Wilson
9pm - Christopher Bernhard
10pm - Sami Akbari
11pm - Jessi of Asher, are you drawing pretty things?

Sunday May 6th
The Baggot Inn
82 W. 3rd St btw Sullivan and Thompson
New York, NY 10012


WMD (Remix) on MySpace

I have remixed my song "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and it can be streamed at www.myspace.com/jessirobertson under the title "WMD (Remix)".

My idea was to take a long vocal section at the end of the original song and see if I could make a whole new song out of it. There are very few lyrics:

"I'm not crowning any kings anymore. I'm not taking any prisoners anymore. I wasn't made for anyone else, so I will unmake myself."

So this is what I do when I'm alone in my room for a few days. Hopefully you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Review - David Shane Smith: love songs and wintertower

From the Urban Folk May 2007 Issue:

I have two David Shane Smith albums. Both came in origami slipcovers made from old magazine pages. “love songs” is written in red pencil on the first disc. The second reads “wintertower.”

If you asked me to pick one to keep and one to give up, I’d have a hard time choosing. Many musicians follow a slow evolution from one album to the next, but these two are different.

“love songs” has a timeless quality that makes it difficult to pin down. Each song has a striking sense of immediacy, but remains unbranded by a specific period or style. Lilting melodies contrast sharply with haunting narration. Insomniac poems are punctuated with acoustic guitar, bells, and timpani.

Smith does an about-face on “wintertower,” a slippery electronic hybrid of looped beats and manipulated sounds, where the territory between rap and spoken word becomes too tangled to navigate.

This is a risky venture for someone perceived as a singer/songwriter. Smith embraces it and delivers an absorbing work. On “love songs” most of the vocals were fragile and restrained while “wintertower” teems with rumbles, drones, and squalls.

Each disc holds nine songs. I listen to track seven on “wintertower” which shares the album’s name, a stormy collage of electric guitar and manufactured sounds. Then I skip back to “love songs” and listen to track seven, “in your night,” a dark lullaby punctuated with barely audible whispers. You can get your hands on both at www.myspace.com/davidshanesmith.

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