Hi, my name is Jessi and I'm an independent musician in the NYC area. I also write articles for Urban Folk magazine, design web pages, create fliers, and do various other music and technology related tasks. Please visit my Indie Music Resources blog for more. Meanwhile, Drawing Pretty Things is my big, giant archive for all things Jessi (in blog form).


2007 Singer/Songwriter Awards

I placed in the 2007 Singer/Songwriter Awards!

Artificial Life received an honorable mention.

Eggshell Heart was number 16 in the contest and received a Runners Up award (I also got some cool prizes).

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Podcast: Jessi on Nefarious Bovine Radio

From the Nefarious Bovine Radio blog on MySpace:

Episode 122 - Bovine vs Alloy

"We apologize in advance! Jeff Schram drops by the Westside Studio to drink, discuss the relaunch of Alloy Radio, drink, play some of our favorite local NYC artists and drink - not necessarily in that order.

While it may be a little bit longer and a little more sloppier than usual we do have a great set of music for you including tracks by Journey, Blake Morgan, Jeff Jacobson, Julia Darling, Wakey!Wakey!, Heather Christian, Jessi Robertson, Mike Errico, The Undisputed Heavyweights, Doll Hospital, Paula Valstein, Gabrielle, Tom Hayes, Professor and Maryann, Casey Shea, Liz Tormes, Attention Driver and Smoosh.

Until we meet again

The Nefarious Bovine

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