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Transcript: Indie Insider

This is a transcript from the story "Indie Insider" that originally appeared in Indie Sounds NY, Issue 10.

Local Correspondents

Since its inception 18 months ago, Local Correspondents has grown as an organizer of open mics and music showcases at venues across the city.

Nowadays, a group of four is responsible for the collective's activities, including musicians Jessi Robertson, Tanya Buziak and Greg Touhey, plus bar owner Larry Hyland. Between them, they manage recruitment of artists for the showcases, booking of venues, promotion and showcase management.

Much of the group's activities are centered on Brooklyn's Bar 4 (where Buziak founded the open mic night in June 2004) and Matchless. Open mics are held every week at both venues, with several other music showcases each month.

The group has already begun to play other venues, including Southpaw in Brooklyn and
Rockwood Music Hall in the LES. It also encourages creative people from other fields to participate in events, including photographers to provide a visual record for later viewing on their website, and video art creators. Find out more about the group at www.localcorrespondents.com.


Transcript: Local Girl Makes Good... Music

The following is from the article "Local Girl Makes Good... Music" originally published in Ulster Publishing. Article by Mala Hoffman.

Singer/guitarist Jessi Robertson will be coming home to New Paltz to perform after a ten-year absence, and she won't be alone. Robertson will be appearing at the Oasis Cafe as part of the touring event known as Cirque du Singe Brise (Circus of the Shattered Monkey) on Saturday, February 25th.

Robertson first performed with the "monkeys" in February of 2004 in Brooklyn. Prior to that, she had attended Greenville College in southern Illinois, then moved to St. Louis to begin her musical career. After a stint in Nashville, she returned to the New York area, where she began cutting her teeth in the indie scene. In addition to her work with Cirque du Singe Brise, which presents the eclectic talents of spoken-word and musical artists under its "big top," Robertson is the co-founder of and operator of a New York City performance event called "Local Correspondents."

"It means a lot for me to finally perform my music in my hometown- especially since my mother has never been able to see me in a show," she notes. "I've changed and grown so much, but still feel a deep attachment to New Paltz."