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Friday November 9th: Jessi's Bday Party at Bar4

Mark it down on your calendars folks! Friday November 9th is my birthday. You know, the first year I spent in NY I had the worst birthday ever. EVER! So to make up for it, I've been having bigger and awesomer (not a word, I know) parties every year, at my favorite drink oasis, Bar4. This year promises to be intense, entertaining, and EVEN AWESOMER!

Lots of my favorite artists will be sharing a few songs each, including:

The Ericksons
Gemma Connell
Matt Cranstoun
Peter Inc
Jeff Jacobson
Sean Ellick
Matt Singer
Paul Basile
Ivan Sandomire
Sean Han
No Lindsay
Sami Akbari
Joe Wilson
Andy Mac
Bryan Dunn
Wakey! Wakey!
Tanya Buziak
Tarrah Reynolds
Tom Hayes
Paula Valstein

This is going to be the Best Party of 2007 (according to me) and it's FREE!!! Music starts around 6:30pm and goes until the AM so prepare yourself to last all night.

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katharine said...

i'm excited...
awesomer times are what i live for.