Hi, my name is Jessi and I'm an independent musician in the NYC area. I also write articles for Urban Folk magazine, design web pages, create fliers, and do various other music and technology related tasks. Please visit my Indie Music Resources blog for more. Meanwhile, Drawing Pretty Things is my big, giant archive for all things Jessi (in blog form).


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Released today, five "mini-albums" of my stuff. Four were recorded by me, in my apartment. "There's glass all over the floor" was recorded by Michael Kenneth. From time to time I have put out songs for download here and there. I still don't have a CD. But now I have collected some of the best stuff from the last couple of years, and I hope you enjoy it. Songs can also be purchased individually.

Now Available:

BLACK MARKET APPLES - 8 songs, $7.99

MEMORY & ABANDONED PARTS - 5 songs, $4.99

WHISPER'S LOST - 7 songs, $6.99

WISHING, WISHING, WISHING - 5 songs, $4.99


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